The workshop

Located in the heart of the medieval town of the character village of Saint Bonnet le Château, La-Bizouterie is a craft workshop-boutique for the creation and manufacture of jewelry and accessories.

First creator / model maker for jewelry / jewelry professionals,
art and costume jewelry, I now work mainly for individuals.

I imagine and create jewelry borrowed from our collective history and also from mine, of our collective imagination and also of mine.

La-bizouterie, and now offers you my creations. Jewels born from moments of improvisations, reveries or meditations.

Moments of contact with matter , Moments where slowness and precision mix,
Moments of patience and passion .

La Bizouterie offers jewelry of art, gold, silver

Herve Roy french jewelery creator France
The workshop Herve Roy the interiors
Herve Roy's wokshop in Saint-Bonnet-Le-Chateau France
The wokshop the hands of the creator
The workshop Herve Roy jewelry
The workshop Herve Roy the interiors


22 Grand’Rue
42380 Saint-Bonnet-Le-Château, France
04 77 37 12 48

Horaires d’ouverture

Du jeudi au samedi: 14h – 17h