They loooove their jewel!!

A ring, an alliance, a necklace, a bracelet … 100% customized and that looks like you !

Bikers rings for the “Los Cobrados” biker club

Black oxidized 925 silver

“My apologies for the delay, the rings appeal to everyone, besides well studied for women. I’m trying to group another order I think end of the year. Thanks again”.

Rings signet silver bikers club Los Cobrados
Silver pirates king silver signet ring
“Hello, just a quick note to let you know that your package has arrived safely …
A huge thank you for your achievement, it’s just wonderful …
In your own way, you are contributing to the best day of my wedding …
Thank you again. Cordially”

Skull ring in yellow gold and 750 white gold

Bezel-set emerald

“Mission accomplished, it corresponds so much to what I had in the form of emotions … All the success is in the management of the volume, which you knew how to dose with a master hand. The balance of metals, weight, shapes, volumes combined with the strength of stone …
The object is captivating, moving … “

Wedding skull and emerald white gold and yellow gold
Duo alliances silver owl and tree of life

Creation wedding rings in silver

Tree of life and owl relief engraving.

“Hello, we have received the wedding rings, they are beautiful, thank you!”

“Good evening, the ring is great, very beautiful making.
Size level, pile hair even if it tightens a little bit.

Hammered silver ring skull ring
Duo alliances silver the married ones

Silver ring

Faces carved in bas-relief

“Hello, My mother gave me the ring last night! It is really beautiful! The result is beyond what I had imagined! Really well done and thank you! The size is nickel too! Bravo for your work! Best regards “

Alliance yellow gold 750 and Moonstone

Engraving in Elven

“Hello, I have received my wedding ring. They are both absolutely beautiful and correspond perfectly to our request!
Thank you very much for your listening, professionalism and kindness.
We will come back to you for new achievements and we have already started to make you a hell of a publicity! (you might even get an order from the USA!)
See you soon !”

Wedding silver elven engraving yellow gold and moon stone
Duo alliances silver snake and dragon

Silver and Topaz Wedding Rings

Dragon and Serpent motif sculpted in relief

We have received the wedding rings, they are superb, thank you again for everything, I did not expect them to look so good, we are delighted.

Wedding ring in yellow gold and skull

I received the ring, it is perfect! It’s great work, exactly what I wanted.
It is just a pity that the dash inside is missing between the 6 and the 2014 … which gives VII – VI MMXIV.
Do you think a lambda jeweler could give me the dash again quickly?
In any case, I will come back to you for my signet ring project.
Thank you again she is really beautiful! “

Ring skull silver ad vitam aeternam yellow gold
Silver medalion celtic Triketra
“I just received it and it is amazing.
Thank you.”

Personalized bracelets

925 silver

Elven engraving

Bracelets Torque silver engravings en elvique
Bracelets Torque silver engravings en elvique
Silver cow bull head pendant
“Hello, I confirm the receipt of the pendant which was given to me in the mailbox on Tuesday 24/04.
I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the quality of your work, moreover, the delivery was carried out without the slightest problem and perfectly on time!
I am happy with your book and it is an exact replica of what I expected when I ordered.
Receive once again, Sir, my sincere thanks. “

How does it work concretely ?


You send me an email, explaining your idea or jewelry project.
Do not hesitate to be exhaustive,
attach any document to your email likely to help me understand your request (images, sketches, drawings, etc …).
I will answer you on average within 48 hours.


Once I understood the nature of your request,
the first step is to provide you with a production quote.


Once the estimate has been proposed and accepted, I will begin the design study of the jewel to be made.
This study phase usually takes 1 week.


I will email you drawings or 3D simulations of your jewel, as it will be once made.

Your jewelry will not be made until you validate the created model.

Once the model has been validated by you, I will send you the order form by email, when you ask me.

To your attention

The prices announced on the quotes are valid for one month.
Due to the incessant fluctuation of the price of raw materials, upwards or downwards, I cannot commit myself beyond one month .
After this date, and on your request, your quote will be recalculated free of charge.

Silver skull ring

Helmet and glasses

Skull ring with helmet and silver glasses

Skull ring

Silver with emerald

Ring skull silver emerald

Black oxidized silver pendant

Treble clef and microphone motif

Pendant microphone silver black oxide

Triskell ring in silver

Silver Triskel ring

DNA bracelet in 925 silver

DNA bracelet silver 925

Barbed wire bracelet 1 row silver

Barbed wire bracelet 1 row silver

Thin silver snake bracelet

Fine snake silver bracelet

Celtic wolves bracelet tracery silver

Bracelet wolves celtic tracery silver

Celtic wolves bracelet tracery silver

Silver and leather skull bracelet

Silver bas-relief lion family crest signet ring

Signet family coat of arms lion bas-relief silver

Dragon claw and silver decorum signet ring

Dragon claw and silver decorum signet

Personalized signet ring aggressive bear gothic engraving

Personalized signet aggressive bear gothic engraving

Signet ring symbol of love flower and silver triangle

Signet symbol flower of love and silver triangle

Celtic wolves and interlacing sterling silver necklace

Celtic necklace wolves and interlacing sterling silver 925 solid

Silver tree of life and moonstone wedding ring pair

Duo alliances tree of life silver and moon stone

Pair of wolf wedding rings male and female white gold ruby and sapphire

Duo alliances dragon wrapped man woman 750 and garnet

Duo of Celtic bear and Celtic bronze horse wedding rings

Duo wedding rings dragon scale serpent skin 750 gold yellow and white

Duo of bear and raven wedding rings with silver and white gold interlacing

Duo alliances engraving letter gothic white 750

Duo of pink and fleur-de-lis wedding rings in yellow gold and diamonds

Duo alliances engravings in elven silver

Duo of personalized wedding rings 750 white gold and diamonds

Duo alliances wolves and skull white gold and diamond

Duo of alliances skull and interlacing 750 gold and diamond

Duo alliances wolves male and female white gold ruby and sapphire

Silver skull man and woman wedding rings pair

Duo alliances celtic bear and celtic bronze horse

Raw silver medal and yellow gold initials

Duo alliances bear and raven with interlacing silver and white gold

Yggdrasil tracery tree of life baptism medal silver

Duo wedding rings roses and fleur de Lys yellow gold and diamonds

Silver skull couple pendant

Duo alliances personalized symbol white gold 750 and diamonds

Ethnic silver and amethyst pendant

Duo alliances skull and interlacing gold 750 and diamond

Sheriff star pendant and silver circle

Duo alliances skull for men women silver

Pebble horse carved bas-relief pendant

Raw silver medal and yellow gold initials 750

Silver dwarf hatchet pendant

Medal baptism tree of life tracery Yggdrasil silver

Silver Celtic style wolf and cross pendant

Pendant the married ones skulls silver

Silver and bone Eskimo scraper tool pendant

Pendant ethnic silver and amethyst

Yellow gold sm pendant

Sheriff star pendant and silver circle

Silver corkscrew pendant

Pendant pebble horse sculpted bas-relief

Silver triskel and horseshoes pendant

Pendant hatchet dwarfs silver

Silver flying key ring

Pendant wolves and cross celtic style silver

Duo of wedding rings dragon wraps man woman 750 and garnet

Silver and bone scraper tool pendant eskimo

Yellow and white 750 gold snakeskin dragon scale wedding ring pair

Pendant sm yellow gold

Duo of wedding rings gothic letter engraving in 750 white gold

Pendant corkscrew silver

Duo of wedding rings engraved in silver elven

Silver horseshoes Triskell pendant

Wolf and skull wedding ring duo in 750 white gold and diamond

Keychain steering wheel silver

You will discover through this page some examples of jewelry created and made by me.

I also offer you the possibility of making your unique or personalized jewelry to order through my other site