Bull cow tongue raw oxidized silver ring

Bull’s head ring or “the laughing cow” ring for men in black oxidized raw silver with polished and shiny horns.


This big bull or cow head silver ring is sure to have gone unnoticed! Character ring for people of character!

For all lovers of bucolic walks or a ring that our cattle breeders will wear with pride or as their mascot. In short, an original piece of jewelry for all men and women who have it 🙂

  • Materials: 925 silver
  • Finish: Blackened and polished raw silver
  • Width: 35 mm
  • Weight: + or – 20 grams depending on the finger size
  • Manufacturing and delivery time: 20 Days
  • Available for all finger sizes from 52
  • Achievable in Bronze, 375 Gold and 750 Gold (on request)
  • Creator: La Bizouterie


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